Pastoral Support and Wellbeing


Our pastoral support team is led by K Greenough. The teams works very hard to provide support for pupils and families who might have worries or concerns. The staff work closely with external agencies to support our pupils and their families and ensure that all pupils come into school happy and secure and able to learn. Our aim is to ensure all pupils achieve their potential, so we  work with families to support pupils and ensure that preventitive measures are put in place long before problems arise. This includes working with families through team around the child meetings and also support with Early Help assessments. We also offer family interventions such as Save the Children's Family and Schools Together courses. Every Friday we hold coffee afternoons which give parents and carers an opportunity to meet other adults within school and enables us to signpost parents and carers to opportunities within the children's centre and support from other advisory groups. We also work with Wood Street Mission who have supported out families with food at christmas. They also are able to support with school uniform. For further information please ask K Greenough or A Barrat. 


All children know who they can go and talk to in school and we run a variety of nurture group activities, including social and communication skills, relaxation activities such as peer massage and clubs targeting anxiety, resilience and understanding emotions to support the mental health of pupils in school. As a school, we work with the nurture group network and use the WELL-BEING toolkit to support the emotional wellbeing of adults and pupils. In September 2020, we were part of a group of schools selected to take part in the Manchester NURTURE AWARD project. This programme enables staff to develop and embed a nurturing culture throughout school, enhancing teaching and learning, promoting healthy outcomes for pupils and young people or through focusing on emotional needs and development as well as acdemic achievement in the whole school environment. As of October 2023, we are an accredited Nurture Schools UK school.


At lunchtime pupils can access our nuture room (The Acorn Room), multi sports or play club if they need some support. We are part of the Manchester Healthy Schools network and our key priority this year is the emotionally healthy school.

If you need an appointment with Kathryn, call the school office on 0161 989 2999.

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