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Miss Millington

Reception Teacher

Miss Woodcock

Reception Newsletter Autumn 2 2023 2024 


Welcome back to school after the half term break! We hope that you had a good week and are raring to go for the next half term. 

This year the Reception staff are; 

Miss Millington (EYFS coordinator) and Mrs Landell (ReceptionM)

Miss Woodcock and Miss Ward (ReceptionW)

We also have Miss Nicholson and Mrs Thurm who support the children on a weekly basis


This half term our topic is called Festivals and Celebrations 

This half term we will support the children to explore their similarities and differences in greater depth with a focus on the many different and wonderful celebrations and festivals that we each experience. 


In our literacy lessons the children will begin with the focus text ‘Little glow’ which is a celebration of Light, love and togetherness. Through this text we will develop children's knowledge of the many celebrations and festivals whilst at the same time building on their love for stories and understanding of the text. They will be developing their writing skills through creating invitations to their own school party, applying their phonics and also perfecting their letter formation as we begin to practise the easier letters of the letterjoin handwriting scheme. As we move closer to Christmas we will be reading the traditional story of 'The Gingerbread man' and children will enjoy making their own gingerbread men, recording the recipe and developing their awareness of stories e.g. stories from the past, fictional characters etc. 

Investigation Monday's 

Through our investigation topic ‘Light and Dark’ we will explore different avenues that help the children to develop their understanding of the world around them. We will be teaching the children about the difference between night and day, nocturnal animals, the cause of shadows and the effect that the changing seasons have on our day to day life. 

Light and dark.jpg


In maths this half term children will reinforce their counting skills being reminded to count with 1-1 correspondence to ensure accuracy. They will also have lots of practise of subitising and will begin to have a greater understanding of the composition of numbers up to 4 by exploring their ‘parts’. We will relook at the measure of weight this half term and as we build up to christmas we will revisit patterns in some of our Friday Shape, space and measure sessions. 


This half term the children will learn the following: 


Phonics Autumn 1(1).PNG

We are delighted to share with you that on Wednesday 6th  December, EYFS will be performing their nativity. Please await further information on this nearer the time! 


A few quick reminders

The Rainbow Challenge 

When beginning in Reception a key priority is for us to support children to become independent, confident and resilient learners. We consciously spend the first few weeks building positive relationships and creating a fun and safe space that the children both enjoy and feel comfortable in. Our EYFS environment (both Nursery and Reception) is largely organised through the use of the Rainbow challenge; each area in the room is associated with a colour from the rainbow and the children are encouraged to independently explore and take ownership of their own learning by working towards reaching a full rainbow by the end of the week. This is something that our children from Nursery will be confident with! 

The areas include:

Construction area - Blue 

Creative area - Purple 

Maths area - Yellow

Writing area - Red 

Reading area - Green 

Roleplay area - White 

Fine- motor area - Orange  

If they complete the Rainbow they are rewarded with a sticker at the end of the week. 

Homework – Once the children have settled and routine is well underway homework will be sent home. We appreciate  home life can be chaotic but it really is important that children are supported to reinforce and extend their learning in the home. On Friday’s your child will be sent home with a book for enjoyment that they have chosen for you to read to/with them. They will also be allocated an e-book (online) that they have been reading in their ‘reading practice’ groups in school - this is for them to try and read to you,  and to answer questions on to show their understanding. Each child also has a homework book, this will outline their weekly homework and we ask that any written homework please be completed in the book so that we can review their efforts each week when it's returned. The weekly deadline for homework to be returned to school is on a Thursday Morning at drop off which will give us enough time to change their books and mark their homework ready for the new work to be sent home on a Friday! 


Drop off and pick up- Please enter by the Myrtle Street entrance and walk your child up onto the EYFS playground where you will see a class teacher stood ready to welcome them into the classroom. From the week commencing 12th September, the school day will be from 8.45am to 3.10pm. 

Attendance and Punctuality – if your child is not in school on time or off school altogether, they miss out on so much learning – please make sure your child is in school, on time, every day, the gates close at 8:55! 

Outdoor play- please make sure your child has suitable clothing, a waterproof coat, wellingtons, sunhat, gloves, etc.  We go outside everyday come rain or shine! 


Please remember to put names in all clothes, shoes, bags, lunch boxes, etc.


Tapestry  - The online learning journey


At Ashbury Meadow we use the online learning journey called Tapestry. This will be something that you can use at home and see what your child has been learning about in school and to access homework and learning. You will be able to upload homework and observations of your child for the class teacher so it is important that any ‘log on’ issues are sorted ASAP. If your child was in Nursery at Ashbury- your log on details will be the same. If you are new to the school- details will come in due course. 



Monday 27 th November Reception visit to Beswick Library
Friday 24th of November Celebration Assembly 
Wednesday 6th December EYFS Nativity
Friday 15 th December End of Term

Useful websites


The school website: 


E book access:


Online Learning Journal:


Oral health:

One final message...

Here in Early years at Ashbury meadow primary school we put every effort into building strong relationships with our pupils so that school is a place they not only enjoy, and feel safe but THRIVE and communication and Language forms the foundation of this, please take a few minutes to watch this TED talk which encompasses our ethos

How Every Child can Thrive by Five by Molly Wright



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