Rainbow Club

Rainbow Club is held daily from 2-3pm.  It supports SEND children with higher needs to learn and express themselves through a variety of different learning activities. Its foundation is built on communication and social interaction strategies, with an emphasis on enjoying learning with their peers. Rainbow Club promotes key life skills in a differentiated way that is accessible to the children that attend.

This is done through a range of lessons such as art, music, cooking, PSHE and  learning outside the classroom. The lessons are themed around a different carefully chosen book each term. We cover a variety of books and topics to engage the children such as, “Pete the Cat”, “What Wesley Wore” and “The Tiny Seed.”

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We also celebrate the children at the end of each week, with a Star of the week certificate, showcasing something they have done well or achieved that week in Rainbow club.

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As the children have grown through the school, we have responded to their needs by developing a different version of rainbow club for the older children in the school  - the name they have chosen for themselves is 'Creative Little Lights'. This group learn in a similar way with stronger focus on building independence and life skills into their curriculum, such as shopping for ingredients to cook together, taking a bus journey and paying for themselves and developing road safety. These are the skills they will need to set them up for life beyond primary school.

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Ashbury Meadow Community Primary School
Rylance St,
Manchester M11 3NA
Mrs Eve Peters: Main Contact