Global Curriculum

Global Curriculum 

The global curriculum at Ashbury Meadow Primary School includes the subjects History and Geography. Pupils are taught through an enquiry-based approach to learning, with each discipline being taught independently and links being made where relevant. The history curriculum is constructed to develop pupils' sense of history and help them to understand how history is created and curated, giving them a knowledge of how historians study and construct accounts. We focus on 6 substantive concepts which are sequenced to enable revisting in greater depth to enable pupils to progress their understanding and make more complex links between topics through the relevant concepts. Disciplinary concepts are carefully sequenced to ensure pupils develop a balanced understanding of the skills underpinning historical study. Through this pupils are able to use sound background knowledge on which to make judgements and refer to the evidence on which they have made that judgement. Local history is threaded throughout the curriculum, providing connections and links to develop understanding.

The geography curriculum is constructed to equip pupils with the knowledge they need to make sense of the world's complexity and diversity, connecting to the world today and contemporary issues. The curriculum is sequenced to build on previous topics and enable pupils' to develop a sense and understanding of interconnectivity. We appreciate that pupils' have limited experience of the world and as such, concepts such as space, scale and place can be very abstract.  We have ensured our curriculum removes barriers to this by deepening pupils' knowledge and understanding of place by creating a context for place through images and maps and ensuring pupils learn what everyday life is like whether it be in the UK or distant places. This is supported by the characteristics, contextual knowledge and interconnection needed to support learning. All learning is brought back to concrete learning through links to our local area.

Importantly, all learning starts with our known experiences and locality. Children have the opportunity to participate in regular learning outside the classroom activities and global days. As a UNICEF rights respecting school, children’s rights are threaded throughout History and Geography. Each year group participates in a local study to give them an understanding of the area they live in. Through this, pupils also have the opportunity to practise and embed their history and geography fieldwork and enquiry skills. We are members of both  the Historical Association and Geographical Association, and use their resources to support pupils' learning and staff professional development. 

Phase assemblies give pupils the opportunity to practise a wide range of presentation skills, which are important disciplinary skills for both historians and geographers.

Please click on a subject below to view further information about the curriculum we offer in these subjects including curriculum maps from Nursery to year 6 and our intent and implementation approach for each subject. 


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