Global Curriculum

Global Curriculum 

The global curriculum at Ashbury Meadow Primary School includes the subjects History and Geography. Pupils are taught through an enquiry-based approach to learning, so that pupils develop the skills necessary to become independent learners. Children have the opportunity to participate in regular learning outside the classroom activities and global days. Through our International Schools Accreditation, pupils gain a greater understanding of the world we live in and to develop an understanding of different perspectives. Additionally, as a UNICEF rights respecting school, children’s rights are taught throughout History and Geography. Each year group participates in a local study to give them an understanding of the area they live in. Through this, pupils also have the opportunity to practise and embed their history and geography skills.

Please click on a subject below to view further information about the curriculum we offer in these subjects incluing curriculum maps from Nursery to year 6 and our intent and implemnentation approach for each subject. 


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