Speech, Language and Communication

Speech, language, communication and social interaction needs form the highest proportion of our SEND needs in Ashbury Meadow. 

We are pround to be an ELKLAN accredited 'communication friendly setting', demonstrating that high-quality language and communication strategies are used in all interactions with all pupils at Ashbury Meadow.

In addition to this, we employ a speech and language therapist who works within the mainstream school for one day per week in order to: 

  • Carry out individual assessments of children where necessary.
  • Support staff to meet the needs of individual speech and language programmes.
  • Periodically monitor the progress of individuals and ensure that their needs are targeted accordingly.
  • Deliver training to the school staff to support all children, such as working memory, sign assisted language and early communication skills for our youngest pupils.
  • Train and support staff to deliver group language and communication interventions accross all areas of the school

We currently run a number of speech, language and communication group interventions through all years in the school, and accross a wide range of needs, including: 

  • Welcomm (in EYFS)
  • Social communication group
  • Language for thinking
  • Socially speaking
  • Therapy with Lego
  • Picture detectives

It is important to understand that a child who is learning English as an additional language is not classed as having a special educational need or disability.



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