Expressive Arts Curriculum

Expressive Arts Curriculum 

The experessive arts curriculum at Ashbury Meadow Primary School includes the subjects Art and Design and Music. Our Art & Design spiral curriculum is supported by Access Art and our music spiral curriculum is supported by Charanga. Pupils are taught the knowledge and skills of these subjects through both theory and practical based learning, so that pupils develop the skills necessary to apply in their own creative compositions. Children are taught to develop an appreciation for the arts and to think critically. Through our expressive arts curriculum we intend for children to develop an understanding of how art and music has reflected and shaped our history, and contributes to the creativity and culture of our nation as well as of other cultures around the world.  Children have the opportunity to participate in a range of encriching activities such as whole school art days, art gallery visits, artist visits to school, after school art clubs, the school choir and opportunities for children to sing and perform using instruments to an audience. 

Please click on a subject below to view further information about the curriculum we offer in these subjects including curriculum maps from Nursery to year 6 and our intent and implementation approach for each subject. 


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Art & Design


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