Our CLI resource provision

Our CLI resource provision at Ashbury Meadow offers a bespoke, communication focused, environment and  curriculum that prioritises the development of language, understanding and social communication of it's pupils. There are limited places and the children who attend are placed by the local authority in order to meet their specific needs. It is known as our 'Bumblebee' class.

The Bumblebee class has a high ratio of adults to children and the curriculum focuses on the pupil's understanding of key vocabulary, their development of communication strategies and supporting their social interactions with others. 

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We work closely with our speech and language therapist, who works not only with the pupils but also with staff to ensure they are trained in strategies and interventions to support the development of all pupils.

As well as their communication and interaction needs, there is also a focus on developing pupil's confidence, self-help and independence skills. This includes strategies to recognise and manage their emotions, keep themselves safe and being able to ask for help when they need it.

Our aim is that children from our CLI provision develop the skills to be able to join a range of mainstream lessons and social learning opportunities with the rest of the school, offering them the opportunity to integrate and build relationships with their wider peer group.

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Ashbury Meadow Community Primary School
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Mrs Eve Peters: Main Contact