Baking Bread in Reception

Lesson: Understanding the World

Class: Reception M & W Year: 2023 - 2024

This half term our topic is Growing and we have been investigating 'Healthy lifestyles'. As part of this topic the children have explored the question 'Where does our food come from?' learning that many foods, particuarly fruit and vegetables are grown from the ground. This morning the children came into school to see a very messy kitchen area and a letter that was left by 'The little red hen' apologising for the mess she had made and explaining that she didn't know how to make bread! The children learnt that the main ingredient that bread is made from is flour and that flour comes from grains of wheat which is grown in the ground. 

We watched some instructions on how to make the bread before making it ourselves! The children said it smelt delicious whilst in the oven and were very impressed with the taste of it once it was finished! 

Our next job is to use our experience to write a simple recipe for the Little Red Hen so that she can make her own bread successfully! 

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