School Trips

Here are some of the trips and visits which children at Ashbury Meadow Primary School took part in last year:

All trips and visitors are planned to support and enhance learning within our curriculum and as such, are not one off events. They are carefully planned as part of a unit of work and are an effective way of supporting the development of pupils' cultural capital. 

School trips 22/23


Year group: EYFS

 Term 3

Date of trip: Reception 7th June 2023


Date of trip: Nursery 8th June 2023

Location: Manchester Trafford Centre

Activity Name: Sea Life Centre


Curriculum Link: Animals/environment


Year 1

Year group: 1

 Autumn 2 - Term 1

Date of trip: w/c 1.11.22


Location: Local area (Bradford park)

Activity Name: Walk to local green space


Curriculum Link: Geography + History Local Area


Year group: 1

Spring 2 - Term 2

Date of trip: Thursday 30th March 2023


Location: Blackpool Zoo

Activity Name: Blackpool Zoo + workshop


Curriculum Link: Science – animals including humans/ habitats



Year group: 1

 Summer 2 - Term 3

Date of trip: Awaiting dates – summer 2 (July)



Location: Manchester Airport

Activity Name: Manchester Runway Park


Curriculum Link: History – the first flight / comparison with modern day transport.


Year group: Year 2

 Spring 1

Date of trip: 25th January 2023


Location: Smithills Open Farm

Smithills Dean Road, Bolton, BL1 7NS

Activity Name: Smithills Open Farm


Curriculum Link: Sp1 Geography: Where does our food come from?

Year 2


Year group: Year 2

 Term Spring 2

Date of trip / visitor:  TBC for Spring 2


Didsbury Mosque, 271 Burton Rd, Manchester M20 2WA

Activity Name: Didsbury Mosque



Curriculum Link: RE - Islam - how does the mosque give Muslims a sense of belonging


Year group: Year 2

 Summer 2

Date of trip:  5th July 2023


Location: Quarry Bank Mill

Styal Rd, Styal, Wilmslow SK9 4HP


Activity Name: Whole workshop day exploring mill guided by National Trust Education workers


Curriculum Link: Local study - How was life different for Victorian children in the Manchester mills compared to Lyme park


Year 3

Year group: 3

Term 2 – Spring 1 (Stone Age Workshop couldn’t do dates we needed during Term 1)

Date of trip: Wednesday 4th January 2023

Location: AMPS

Activity Name: Stone Age Workshop


Curriculum Link: History


Year group: 3

Term 2 – Spring 2

Date of trip: Wednesday 12th April 2023

Location: Lyme Park

Activity Name: Lyme Park Visit

Curriculum Link: PSHE / Linking Schools


Year group: 3

Term 3 – Summer 2

Date of trip: Wednesday 21st June 203

Location: St. Anne’s Blackpool

Activity Name: St Anne’s Beach Visit

Curriculum Link: Geography / English


Year 4

Year group: 4

 Term 1

Date of trip: Thursday 10th or 17th November 2022


Location: In school – Hall or Studio

Activity Name: The Manchester Museum – The inflatable museum – Ancient Egypt


Curriculum Link: Foundation History – Ancient Egypt


Year group: 4

 Term 2

Date of trip: Thursday 9th March 2023



Location: Chester Deva Roman Discovery Centre

Activity Name: Chester Deva Roman Discovery Centre


Curriculum Link: Foundation History – Romans



Year group: 4

 Term 3

Date of trip: Friday 9th June 2023


Location: Greater Manchester Police Museum, Ancoats, Manchester.

Activity Name: Greater Manchester Police Museum


Curriculum Link: Foundation History – Crime and Punishment


Year 5

Year group: 5

 Term 1

Date of trip: 1st December 2022

Location: Manchester Science & Industry Museum (Including Power Up workshop for 1 hour)

Activity Name: Power UP Workshop


Curriculum Link: RE – Sikhism (Aut 1)


Year group: 5

 Term 2

Date of trip: 17th January 2023


Location: Ashbury Meadow Primary School

Activity Name: Vikings


Curriculum Link: History - The Vikings (Spr 1)


Year group: 5

 Term 3

Date of trip: 2nd May 2023


Location: Jodrell Bank

Activity Name: Key Stage 2 visit to Jodrell Bank


Curriculum Link: Science – Earth and Space (Sum 1)


Year 6

Year group: 6

 Term 1

Date of trip: 10th November 2022


Location:Belle VUE ARC Gorton

Activity Name: Crucial Crew


Curriculum Link:



Year group:6

 Term 1

Date visitor 16th November 2022


Location: School

Activity Name: Dr Diane – Maya Archaeologist


Curriculum Link: History


Year group: 6

 Term 2

Date of Visitor: 3rd June 2023


Location: School

Activity Name: Ancient Greek Workshop


Curriculum Link: History


Year group: 6

 Term 3

Date of trip 18th May 2023



Location: Tatton Park

Activity Name: Living through World War 2


Curriculum Link: History


Year group: 6

 Term 3

Date of trip – 12th July 2023


Location: Delamere Forest

Activity Name: Treetop+ Adventure


Curriculum Link: PE, PSHE


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