Lesson: Science

Class: Nursery J Year: 2021 - 2022

During the Spring Term, the children have been observing caterpillars which we have had in the classroom. The Caterpillars are contained within a jar as they grow bigger and bigger. When the caterpillars transform into Chrysalises and hang from the jar lid they are then moved into a large basket. The children have been fascinated by the growth of the caterpillars and we were hoping that their transformation would be complete before the Spring holiday. Unfortunately, the children have missed out on the metamorphosis from chrysalis to butterfly due to the caterpillars still being fast asleep by the end of the term however Mrs Roche took the sleeping caterpillars home in their chrysalises and during the holiday the caterpillars did metamorphosis into beautiful butterflies which Mrs Roche released into her garden.  Please see the photo’s of the butterflies coming out of their cryalisis and being freed into Mrs Roches garden. 

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