Stockley Farm Trip

This year our team trip was awarded to red house who experienced the wonderful world of Stockley Farm.

With over 200 organic dairy cows, crops growing on both organic and conventional land and loads of furry friends spread over 680 acres there was a lot to see, stroke and smell!

Our day started by meeting all of the friendly farm animals including goats, cows and pigs. The ‘hands-on’ activities provided the perfect opportunity for our children to learn and discover all about the farm and the animals that they look after.

Next was a trip to pet’s corner to get up close and have a cuddle with their smaller animals; rabbits, guinea pigs and one very smelly ferret called felicity. The children were taught the importance of the ferrets smell which is to warn rabbits that they are about to enter their holes.

After a tractor and trailer ride around the farm we set off on a nature trail to discover the weird and wondrous wildlife found in the Cheshire countryside. Learning that even the smallest spider plays an important role in the running of the farm gave our children an insight into the food chain of the world around them.

Lunch time meant it was feeding time at the farm and with plenty of hungry billy goats around it meant every pupil had a chance to bottle feed a furry friend. As we were saying our goodbyes to the new born claves we watched the newest arrival to Stockley Farm being born. A beautiful female calf that will be called Meadow after Ashbury Meadow Primary School!

KS1 children learnt about animal life processes and the importance of every animal from a boar to a bug helping the farm environment and our KS2 also learnt about crops and agriculture. All aspects of the day helped solidify topics covered in school this year, giving an amazing learning outside of the classroom experience that will stay with them for life!

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