Reception F 2017 - 2018

Mr Fuller

Reception teacher

   Reception Newsletter November 2017   

This 1/2 term our main topic is Light and Dark. We will be exploring the differences between them and how with the help of torches we can change dark into light, make shadows and silhouettes. We will have the opportunity to explore the night sky. More about that later.

During Friday’s Investigations we will be looking at Colour and Pattern. We will find out how to make colours darker or lighter. We will be talking about patterns that repeat or are symmetrical.

We will be looking everywhere for objects that are colourful and have wonderful patterns.

As usual we need your helpwhen you are out and about talk about what you can see around you – the colour of the sky, the shades of the clothes you are wearing, the patterns on the packages and tins in ASDA. We will also be looking at some of the things your children said they would like to learn about, mixing colours and finding out about animals that are nocturnal, owls, foxes and bats.

Each Friday this 1/2 term – Rainbow Fridays’- we would like your child to come into school wearing colourful clothes – 1 yellow sock, 1 red sock, green top, blue trousers – the colours are up to you both – as many different colours on 1 child will be great.

A quick reminder:

Wellington boots and a waterproof coat are a must. We all go out in all weathers and you

know how unpredictable the English weather can be. Sunshine one minute rain the next.


Dates for your diary:           

Parent’s evenings: Monday 6th of November and Wednesday 8th of November.

Finding out about the night sky – Reception will be having a PLANETARIUM in school on 14th November. The children will have the opportunity to see the constellations that are only visible on a clear sky in the middle of the night. There will be a cost to having this fantastic opportunity in school. We are asking for a donation of £3.00, school is subsidising the rest of the cost.

EYFS celebration assembly: we will be holding our very own EYFS celebration assembly in the Studio on a Friday morning at 9.00am. All parents are welcome.

EYFS Nativity Play will be on the afternoon of the 18th of December - a date not to be missed.

This year we will be telling the story of how Little Robin got his Red Brest.

                                                                    Children celebrating their 5th birthday this half term are…


Bilqis, Adam, Fatim, Agastya, Amy, Francesca, Elspeth


A big Happy Birthday  to you all.

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